3 new fragrances highly appealing, come to us to try them!





New fragrance Chanel
Inspired by Gabrielle "I decided who I wanted to be and that is what I am"
Bottle essential but luxurious
Fragrances with floral notes
For the first time it welcomes in its composition the tuberous cultivated in the fields of Grass





A composition of radical freshness, described by a name that sounds like a manifesto.François Demachy, Parfumeur-Créateur Dior, wanted it so: noble and wild at the same time. An overabundance of raw materials of natural origin. The head notes are vibrant thanks to the juicy freshness of the Bergamotto of Reggio Calabria. The wake, strongly woody, is marked by the Ambrosean, extracted from the precious Amber Grigia.Sauvage is a creation act inspired by the great open spaces. A blue sky like the sea, a glittering mineral landscape from the desert sun.



Declare your philosophy of happiness with this wonderful reinterpretation of a unique olfactory signature that now embodies the splendor of the essence of Magnolia. There is a fragrance whose name sounds like an invitation. A wave of light and optimism. A road to happiness. An explosion of joy. A statement to the world: Life is beautiful. Discover the fragrance of happiness, The beautiful east of Lancôme.